offres en anglais

Séminaires de formations entièrement développés en anglais avec des themes spécifiques tels que:

Setting Business Strategy (SBS)
Managing Meeting (MM),

Negociating Strategy and Tactics (NST),
Executive Time Management (ETM),
How to Sell Well (HSW),
Motivating People Toward Peek Performance (MPTPP),
Marketing Strategy for Fast Growth (MSFG)

dont le but est de developer le potentiel de chaque individu .

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WANAM INTERNATIONAL an COMP wit more than 15 yeras of ondoing, DSO innovation programmes

Orientation and mobility instruction is a sequential process in which visually impaired individuals are taught to utilize their remaining senses to determine their position within their environment and to negotiate safe movement from one place to another.

The Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist exam offers professional certification in order to demonstrate professional competency that supports quality service delivery to persons with vision impairments. For some employment opportunities Certification is mandatory.

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